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(8/22/02 10:44:22 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Does anyone have a Knight Model MK 86?
I found a Knight 54 cal barrel fast twist 1 in 28 made by Green Mountain at Gander Mnt. I got it at a closeout price. It is a $180.00 barrel that I got for 30 bucks new. Acccording to Knight it just slips in the 86 receiver for a friction fit. The 86 from what I have found out so far was a combo gun either shotgun or rifle barrels for it. I was hoping I could buy a receiver from Knight but they do not make them anymore. So I will have to make a project gun and come up with my own inline receiver. I am hoping I still can buy a hammer assembly from Knight. What I want to know does anyone have one of these combos or have seen one and can tell me how the barrel to receiver fits? Knight just said it was a friction fit I know being a combo gun that barrel changing should be easy but that seems a little too easy. Jim
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