Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Reply Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    The NRA grew by millions while Clinton was in office. If there was an absolute victory (lets say in the supreme court) for the second, their membership would plummet. The more controversy around the second the more members. Do you guys think this is a factor in their effectiveness? Again, I remind everyone I make all negative statements about the NRA as a dues paying member.
    The fight for freedom is not fought overseas in distant lands with guns, missles and bombs. It is fought here with words, pen and paper and I fear, we are loosing it.

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    Reply Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    This is a very good question, rhinoman.

    How do you think the VP can afford them fancy luxuary hotels and them many martini lunches with his croneys...unless them dues keep coming in like clock work.

    Frankly, it is my own opinion we don't get much bang for the bucks we give them. If they were truly effective we would have had a political decision decades ago in our favor. But the game keeps rolling along...anti vs the NRA.

    I'll probably get shot out of the saddle on this one, but hell, its my opinion...take it or leave it.


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    Reply Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    Actually, I dont think the membership would plummet. Despite any positive rulings from the high court, there are still too many left wing elitist's who will stop at nothing to take away our rights, and I believe most gun owners understand this. You have to understand that these people think and believe that they are the chosen ones. If the court rules in our favor, they must have just gotten it wrong. Just like the recent election, they accuse the voters of getting it all wrong cause they know best. They think we are too stupid to make an informed choice, so its best if they make it for us. They will never give up. They have and will continue to subvert the Constitution by any means necessary to further their agenda.

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    Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    I think you are right to an extent Agunguy. If they fix the problem they might work a bunch of them out of a job.

    Ignorance is a crime in 49 states. In the other one it is bliss.

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    Reply | Edit Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    Oh, man, didn't we just go through this?

    I happen to believe that part of the NRA's goal is to simply stay alive and grow. That's a natural part of any organization, or any living being for that matter: self-preservation.

    But it is true that even if the SCOTUS decided once and for all that the 2nd Amendment protects our individual rights to keep and bear arms, there are still all kinds of issues for them to fight nor. Such as what kinds of firearms we should be allowed to have (full auto? not likely). Or concealed carry laws. Or gun registration. The NRA has lots of issues to deal with, and I really don't think they would go away overnight. But they might think so.
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    Reply Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    Re: Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment
    "A thought in regard to why the NRA is afraid to take it to the Supreme court.
    If they lose they are out of business.
    If they win, they lose future financial support because of all the gun owners who feel that only the NRA can preserve their 2nd amendment rights and donate because of that, no longer need be paranoid. The longer this situation drags out the more stable their business becomes. The day that the supreme court rules on the subject the NRA will be at best diminished and at worst out of business. I'm not condemning the people in the NRA but it has been my observation that as advocacy organizations grow their focus often changes from the initial reason that they are founded to self perpetuation. This in no way demonstrates that all the people in the organization are self serving. It does however tend to dilute the original purpose for which the organization was founded and to impede progress towards a pemanent resolution."
    Steve ( First Posted on 12/20/02 )

    The first time I added this reply to a thread I had one guy jumping up and down so much my monitor shook.
    I also am an NRA member but I am so tired of their internal and external politics that in the 40 years
    that I've been shooting I've probably only been a member two thirds of the time.
    I think it is in their interests to keep the arguement going. One of the things you need to realize is that as long as the arguement is alive so is the Second Amendment .
    If this issue is resolved in such a manner that the Second Amendment is redefined so as to preclude private firearms ownership the NRA will cater to those who still have the use of firearms.
    Police, Military, Politicians, and whatever elite groups there are which will be willing to kiss the arse of their masters in order to enjoy the privelege that was once a right.
    If they win this fight there will be those of us who remain members because of the original reasons that we joined.
    We enjoy both the sport of shooting and the company of like minded people.
    They will however lose the fringe members who think that paying the NRA $35.00 dollars a year frees them from any obligation to fight for their rights.
    I suppose I should have been more clear the first time instead of saying that they would be "out of business". Business as they know it today would change and the change would not be in their best business interests. What I should have said up front and what I did say later is that in the worst case scenario they would be out of business.

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    Reply Re: Does the NRA want to STOP the anti-gunners?
    Exactly right, .308 very well put.

    Bureaucracies are like a cancer, they just keep growing and growing if left to grow.

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