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Interesting. Didn't figure it would be very feasible. That Rossi just looks ridiculous! :eek: Maybe I'll just look for one or the other, then. What's a good bolt action in either caliber?
The Rossi is a nice little rifle Kristie.
It is pricey, and will not have the accuracy
a CZ or Savage bolt action delivers.
A lever action .22WMR is sweet...Henry
has a nice one.[fits in your arsenal well]

A short barrel that shoots .22WMR is not much for
long range accuracy, no matter who makes it.
>.22WMR = Winchester Magnum Rifle and the
cartridge [caliber] is a serious and awesome little round,
but designed for rifle use to get maximum potential......
and it works well.
A 'scoped' 20" quality .22WMR rifle is a super deadly
accurate platform with serious consequences to the end user.

I shoot lots from a 5.5" and a 6.5" barrel handgun....and am very
happy with the accuracy results.[also 14" T/C barrel]
I also shoot the same ammo in carbines and rifles......and the
accuracy is an incredible degree of jump from the short barrels.

The .22WMR cartridge looks so similar to a .22long rifle except for
the length, but it is a larger diameter. Not much, but enough to
keep someone from putting it in the wrong gun.

Back to the is NOT just a 'novelty' gun......
it does shoot very well.

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This one may well still be my favorite....
Not a trace of blueing left, and only a trace
of anodized aluminum.....50yrs old....
and as tight as the day she was made.
[and a gift from my son]
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