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Your opinion is welcome, as is all others. I was giving my opinon of a scope that I own, based on my experience with it thus far. It may fall apart today, it may last 50 years. So far it has met and even exceeded my expectations. Had I spent $1000 would I have a higher quality scope? Of course I would. But I wouldn't still have $900 in my pocket either. Not all of us can allways afford high end equipment. If you don't want this scope, then buy a different one. I give reviews only of items that I own, and I do it to help other make buying decisions.
I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that your opinion wasn't welcome. That was not my intention. It just appeared that your comment was a bit snobbish.
Have you ever owned this particular scope?

Donnie D
Thank you Donnie, I learned a lot from your review. IMO the name on the scope doesn't make your rifle accurate. I have some older Redfields, steel Weavers and older Lyman scopes on my BA rifles. I see you are in the Tarheel State. I spent some time in Fayette Ville area - Ft. Bragg- some few years ago. Nice area, and darn nice folks too!!
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