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By Veronica Sanchez

Dec 1, 2012 3:26 PM

There’s no denying Americans love pork. But Consumer Reports is warning consumers to be careful when cooking up “the other white meat.”

A test by the consumer advocate found that 69 percent of all of all raw pork samples were contaminated with a dangerous bacteria called Yersenia enterocolitica. The bacteria can cause fever, gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea.

Product testers analyzed 198 samples of whole and ground pork containing the little-known bacteria, which is resistant to antibiotics.

Consumer Reports found that the pork contained other bacteria that can be harmful, including salmonella and staphylococcus. Only a small percentage of the samples tested positive for salmonella, the bacteria with which most Americans are familiar. Three percent of the meats were contaminated with listeria, a toxin that can cause listeriosis, a serious and potentially fatal disease marked by lethargy, vomiting, jaundice and respiratory distress.

Testers also found small trace amounts of Ractopamine, a controversial drug used to boost growth in hogs, leaving them leaner. Some critics say Ractopamine, which is banned in China and some European countries, is potentially harmful to humans.

Smithfield Foods Inc., the largest pork producer in the world, denied Ractopamine poses any threat to humans and called it safe and effective. The Food and Drug Administration approved Ractopamine feed supplements that have been widely used in the hog-farming industry for years, the company said.

Jamie Kopf of Consumer Reports acknowledged that the levels of Ractopamine in the pork samples were well below the limits set by the FDA.

“But Consumers Union (which publishes the magazine) believes that it should be banned because there isn’t enough evidence it’s safe for humans,” Kopf said.

If you can’t give up your breakfast sausage, experts advise cooking pork thoroughly to limit exposure to bacteria. Whole pork should be cooked to 145 degrees, ground pork to 160 degrees.

They also say to avoid buying pork with antibiotics.

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Score one for common sense....... but I guess it's not so common if people need it pointed out.....

Game and Fish did a study on wild hogs a while back. 49/50 were diseased with trichinosis or brucilosis and a host of other -osis's. IT all cooks out of the meat and is very tasty. Cook your food like you are supposed to and enjoy.
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