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a friend of mine brought this to me to get help in identifying it and getting a value....

best description smooth bore
double barrel over/under
percussion style cap
external hammer springs
single trigger
with "joseph egg inventor" across the top of the top barrel
and "No 1 picadilly london" across the bottom of the bottom barrel
also has attached folding bayonett
barrel approx 3" long
total length of pistol is about 7"
and with bayonett open is about 9"

has gold inlay in top rear of handstock
and brass or gold button on bottom of handstock

also has joseph egg on both side plates just to rear of hammers,
barrel and side plates ornately engraved as well as has a knurl engraving pattern on handstock
the trigger guard is also ornately engraved
has a very small silver pin front site and a v-shaped rear site

have additional pic of engraved script if needed
will post additional thread with pics if needed


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Just a bit of J.Egg info

I believe Joseph Egg was at #1 Picadilly in London from 1814-1834.
Charles and Henry were sons of Joseph who was a nephew of the
great Durs Egg, successors to Joe Manton and Son, and operated
at number 1 Piccadilly, London from 1842-1850.

If you have no luck on info.....
Cliff Fuller should know.[I will find a link.] PAGE.HTML

It may be a 'Baby Egg' but I'm not that familiar with this derringer,
and the 'Egg' ones I have seen haven't had the bayonet.
A normal J. Egg 'BabyEgg" could possibly be worth $3500

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This is a very nice Gun and very desirable. The folding bayonet sets it apart from other guns of it's time. It may be worth 3000 to 5000 depending on how it is marketed. EGG is a well known and respected name and adds greatly to the gun. Very Nice!
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