Dry-Firing Remington 870

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    Can I dry fire the Remington 870 shotgun? Need a good answer please.

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    Re: Can I dry fire the Remington 870 shotgun?
    There are arguments for and against this.

    Some say with modern metalurgy the internal components will not be damaged and to dry fire all you want.

    Some say damage could/will result and to use snap caps to be safe.

    I use snap caps on my expensive shotgun. I figue why take a chance.

    The snap caps only cost a few bucks. They are a fake shotgun shell that you put in the chamber. When you pull the trigger the firing pin falls on a spring loaded cap that absorbs the impact and simulates an actual shell.

    A dry fire every once in a while is not going to hurt it whether it is old or new. If you are talking about dry firing it once before you put it away after a hunting trip you won't have any problems. If you are worried about it pick up a snap cap.

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    Thelea -

    First, Welcome to TFF - hope you enjoy the board.

    Second - I think all the answers you get here are good ones.
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    Re: Can I dry fire the Remington 870 shotgun?
    I have never had to repair a Remington 870 due to dry-firing. The design and metallurgy is such that dry firing is generally not an issue. The gun does have a long, relatively slender firing pin and conceivably it could break, but it would just as easily break during firing.

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    I dry fire many weapons at the range but I never pull the trigger on purpose unless it's pointed at something I don't mind killing.

    Start playing games with the trigger and it's not much dif than a game of Russian roulet only a matter of time.
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    with the old rim-fire and pin-fire big-bore cartridges. The firing pin would smack the face of the chamber and the brittle steel would splinter.

    With modern center-fires, this is no-longer a problem. I have dry-fired many weapons, many, many times and have never had a repair. The US Army even teaches dry-firing as a practice technique.

    If you want to teach loading, unloading or just want to be extra safe about dry-firing, you can...

    Make your own snap-caps!

    Take a spent shotgun shell (or three) and fold the crimp section back into the hull. Punch out the spent primer and fill the void with silicone RTV.

    And then, never, ever dry-fire while pointing the gun at something you do not want to destroy!
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