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dry storage

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Not sure if this is a good spot for this, but here goes.

I have a problem. I have a bunch of guns that I have purchased for the sole reason of profiting from them and some that I purchased to pass on to my nephew as he gets old enough (currently 1 1/2) .

I don't have an area that I can climate control well enough to prevent rust. Last night I had a brain fart......if I were to coat them in clp and vaccum seal them, would this protect them and prevent rust?
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I have several guns that are wrapped in plastic bags that aren't even sealed. the guns are liberally sprayed with oil, the bag is wrapped around and stored away. I check them every couple of years and no problems. I have not had to re oil them and they are just fine. I would suggest the you vacuum seal them (which vacuum sealing them is optimum) and the wrap each one in some kind of cloth and you will be good to go.

Just make sure the barrels get swabbed out good before they get shot.
Thank you,thank you thank you!!!
Silicon impregnated Gun Socks worked well for me. (with the oiling and such)
Sir i have some vacum bags meant for blankets but use them for long term storage

i've taken the wood and plastic off the weapons and put the metal parts in a oil bath then put them in the bags and sucked the air out with the wet and dry workshop vacum cleaner it dont look pretty , but thats ok

i put the first lot down like this in 2000 when i first saw them on sale and they are still there today and some i put in in 2003 i opened last year to sell and they where perfect

though did need a very good scrub to get clean , there was some oxidisation but in the oil itself not on the metal , dunno if i got it right , it may be metal gone into the oil

but they sure look good , blueing unchanged etc
For handguns, I use plain Zip-Loc freezer bags; they are inexpensive and come in two or three sizes. I spray the guns (not grips if wood) with G96 Gun Treatment and squeeze most of the air out of the bag. I keep the bags in cardboard boxes (most original boxes have room for the bag) in a safe with a Golden Rod dehumidifier. I have never tried to use a vacuum seal but have some guns kept in the bags for years with no problems.

You could also try to buy some of that god-awful Russian Cosmoline the original “dropped in the rubble only once or twice” “3/$99” M91/30s from AIM or SOG used to come packed in in the early 2000s...I’m sure some of the Eastern Europeans posting on EBay would love to sell you some😎

I remember none of them were rusted, (or maybe they were in such bad condition I didn’t notice😉). I had to soak them in gasoline to get them almost clean of the stuff, never got it completely off! Had to force a cleaning rod with a patch on it down the bore after soaking them with the wood off in gasoline for hours, and it would look like little t**ds coming out the muzzle🥴

BTW I sold the last one I had of them at the January show for $275, I was the cheapest 91/30 at the show. I could’ve gotten $350 for it at the October show. I wish I would’ve bought a whole lot more of them when they were $33 each, “t**ds”and all!😡
Jim K's post # 7 reply to this thread was sept 25 2012.
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I guess I have to look at the date. They pop up like they are current posts!
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I guess I have to look at the date. They pop up like they are current posts!
Ha, ya... new is sometimes not so new!
You should be OK if you don't look at anything below the "Recommended Reading".
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