duck hunting in Montana

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    An out of state duck hunter was hunting a pond on BLM ground adjacent to a to a farm. As a flock of ducks flew over he fired and hit a duck. The duck made it across the pond bounced off the farmers barn roof and landed inside his fence. The hunter came over to retrieve his duck and saw it lying on the wrong side of the fence. As luck would have it the farmer came into view and the hunter called out to him. Hey, can I come and get my duck?

    The farmer came over to the fence and replied; It looks like it's my duck it's on my property. The hunter asked how can it be your duck when I shot it? Well we have a way of settling whose duck it is here the farmer replied. Oksy, how do we do that? asked the hunter. Well climb over the fence and I'll explain. You say it's yours because you shot it and I say it's mine because it landed on my property. So here is what we do. I kick you in the balls, then you kick me and whoever is the last one standing it's their duck. That seems a little extreme but I really want this duck, so okay.

    The farmer kicks him as hard as he can and the hunter drops like sack of potatoes. After a few minutes the hunter struggles to his feet and says; wow that hurt but it's my turn now. Nah, that's okay it's your duck.:D
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    Yep, it's yours. :lmao2:
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