Duck Hunting w/ Winchester Mod. 12 FC 30

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    Duck Hunting w/ Winchester Mod. 12 FC 30"

    What are some examples of loads best utilized for
    duck hunting (low flyers and Hi flyers)??

    How is the best shot sizes selected?
    New shotshell and reloads.

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    Re: Duck Hunting w/ Winchester Mod. 12 FC 30"
    Kind of depends on the type of shot. Lead (no no), steel (sux), bismuth,tungstem,hevishot???
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    nothing but bismuth or tung. matrix for the mod. 12. High doller stuff, but you don't want to screw up the gun and you will with steel or hevi. Plus steel and hevi will pattern too tight in an old full. tung. matrix is like lead, use #6 over decoys and #4 for general ducks. Canadians use #1 for longer shots and #4 over decoys. Bismuth is a little lighter than lead so go up one size for the longer shots. I like #4 in general for ducks and geese I use #1.