dump mesteaks.

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  1. Texman

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Speaking of shooting black power long guns,, So years ago when I lived in a small west Texas town I was into black powder with a couple of buddies,, So one warm day we’re sitting outside on the asphalt/gravel driveway chewing the fat and cleaning rifles..

    Buddy got to noticing some big ole Red Ants going in and out of a crack in his drive way.. So he dropped a few grains of powder down there and the ants picked them up and took them down the hole. This went on for awhile.. Drink a beer, clean guns , feed the ants.. After awhile he got the bright idea of what to do with some of his preydox, artificial black power,, fed it to the ants..

    Begin to get late, so he flipped his last cigarette down on the hole and The whole dang drive way seemed to blow up.. Chunks of asphalt and gravel went flying and a huge cloud of smoke rose up like a nuclear test blast.. and all you could see of us was Ahole and elbows.. :eek:

    Course the volunteer Fire department showed and ask what happen.. We all played dumb,, beats us we all said,, hear something but don’t know where it was..

    That dang explosion blew a chunk of asphalt I bet 15 feet into his yard and gravel everywhere…

    We never tried that trick again.. ;)
  2. Enfield

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Thats one of the best stories I have hear in a long while :D

    You could maybe train the ants to go on missions ha ha

    All the best

    Enfield in NZ

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