Dutch Frigate scraping U.S.S. Wisconsin

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    I originally posted these a few years ago.
    Never got an answer as to what may have happened to the offending Captain. You think he was sacked after this?
    I figure we've had a lot of new members join since the original posting, so maybe someone can answer that. If not, I figured ya'll may want to read the story and see the pictures anyway.

    First, the story of the incident

    Had a story to share.

    Years ago, I had the chance to go aboard the U.S.S Wisconsin while it was in port. This happened during Mardi Gras season, where every year, we usually have a couple of Navy ships in port for the festivities. Usually, they are open for public tours.
    So I'm standing on the main deck of the Wisconsin, watching a Dutch frigate coming in to port. The frigate was going to tie up between the Wisconsin and a large container ship, both already tied up parallel to the dock, (kind of like parking your car on a city street between two vehicles already parked). Anyways, I guess the Dutch captain wanted to show off his seamanship skills, 'cause he's coming in pretty fast under his own power with no tugs to assist. (maybe that is normal for a smaller ship like a frigate?). I guess his plan was to put the bow in to nose up to the dock and I suppose he had stern thrusters (?) to push the stern up to the dock because he was coming towards the dock at a fairly sharp angle. I noticed he was VERY close to the Wisconsin as he started to put the bow in. So close, I thought he would collide before turning parallel to the dock. Now keep in mind, all the Dutch sailors were lining their ship at attention. Apparently, they thought they were going to collide because they broke ranks and started scrambling towards the other side! Sure enough, the frigate scraped against the Wisconsins' anchor chain, scraping off a fair amount of paint from their ship and hitting the rotor blade of the helicopter sitting on their fantail, sending it spinning. Needless to say, I was LMAO!!!
    An hour or two later, still touring the ship, I'm talking with another civilian, when two of the Wisconsin officers walk towards us. The guy says to the officers, something like, " hey, were you guys pissed when that Dutch ship scraped against your ship"? The two officers stopped and looked at each other VERY seriously, and without saying a word, they turned and headed towards the bridge. They obviously didn't know about the incident until the guy told them, and they didn't seem happy!
    So, you Navy guys. Reckon' what the aftermath was. I'm guessing Naval ships touching is a big no-no?!!
    I have a series of 3-4 photos I took, showing the event as it unfolded. Funny seeing those Dutch sailors at attention in one, turning their heads to check the gap between ships in the next, and scrambling away from the side in the last.
    If someone can tell me a way to post images from printed photos, I'll post 'em if I can.

    And the pictures


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    Not much as far as the USN was concerned. The ship was in New Orleans in 86 getting decommissioning work done on it and wasn't even running under it's own power, it had to be towed. If it had been active and the incident had caused damage enough to keep it out of action for repairs it would have been a different situation.

    Just a minor fender bender as far as the services were concerned. I doubt if the Dutch CO and whoever was commanding the helm ever made flag rank though.

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    Cool pics and story. I'm thinking with the Old Grump; probably not much happened except for a slap on the wrist, but not going to make flag rank.
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