Dutch! ..... Love You Too Man!

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    Dutch! ..... Love You Too Man!
    His real name is Keen B. Hermany and he hails from just a short ways down the road from Hershey Pennsylvania .....

    Thats right! The place where the Hershey Bar originated .....

    Dutch was of mostly Dutch descendants and a wee bit of German so the nickname (or handle if you prefer) Dutch fit him to a T.

    He was nowheres near as quiet as Cowboy was but on the other hand he was one of them that always yapped all the time.

    Dutch was our Gun Team Leader and I only had but a short time to spend with him as he rotated back to the States a couple of months after I arrived in country.

    We'd sit around (when time permitted) and shot the shit about all that was happening to us .... our past lives at home and what our plans were if we ever survived the bush.

    We had some great times even though the countryside and our surroundings were constantly filled with combat and death.

    I even have Dutch on several of those reel-to-reel tapes that were sent home to the family by me back then. Since they have come into my possession since my mother (who kept them locked away and safe for me) passed away several years back they are still right where I have placed them and are safe and sound.

    Have never even listened to them ... Not once ...

    No real excuse why but just have'nt.

    Maybe one of these days I will drag them out and try to locate some type of machinery that will assist me in listening to them ... With todays technologies I am not even sure if they even produce reel-to-reels anymore and have all that new fangled stuff that us ole' timers have a problem figuring out how to operate most of the time ......

    Sure don't make 'em simple like the old days ....

    Could''nt have had any better of a Marine Corps Birthday celebration as I have on this particular one .....

    Never have .... And ever will .... Forget about those brave young men that fought along with me and together so many many years ago ....

    It's rather hard to put down in words what we as Brothers had experienced and the only way to truly understand was that you would have had to been there .....

    In any case ... after thirty five years I was able to speak with Dutch today via telephone after being assisted by yet another former Marine who helped me locate my team leader.

    Though our bodies have grown old and our minds working ever so hard to "try" to remember what all went on back then the conversation went extremely well and Dutch was so glad to hear from me. It appears as though both of our days (and the Marine Corps Birthday ta boot) went very well and one that won't be forgotten I am sure.

    We're going to keep in touch weekly .....

    After all .... and he concurred .... It took 35 years to find each other and we aint about to let one another slip away again.

    Prior to ending the converstaion .....

    We wished each other well ... A birthday wish .... "Semper Fi"

    And above all .....

    An "I Love Ya Man" .....

    Today was good .....


    Six Out!

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    Re: Dutch! ..... Love You Too Man!
    Six, A real birthday gift..... what could have been more valuable then a found friend.

    I also have a good size box of tapes that I sent home to my family and like you I have never played them let alone opened the box. I remember a lot of the time I would be reminded to talk between the roar of the choppers that could be heard in the background. I am not sure if I will ever play them but have thought about them. I am not sure if I want to bring back some of the painful memories that was put away.


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    Re: Dutch! ..... Love You Too Man!
    How wonderful for you to find your friend!! I'm sure you both had a lot of catching up to do!!


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    in regards to the tapes...
    listen to them or not, you should find some way to transcribe them onto something that will stand the test of time. I don't know how well reel to reel lasts or how long... They are history and the most important part. They are from the people who actually lived it opposed to the snobs who write the books and decide what should be remembered and shouldn't. History is what we document and it would be a shame to lose something that is so personal, yet important, for everybody.

    Not sure if I'm making sense... just know it would be a shame to lose something so precious because of time.

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    Re: in regards to the tapes...
    I understand Haggai, I wish more of the people could do that but a lot of us don't have them any longer for some reason or another or just don't give them much thought. I was thinking about giving mine to my daughter, perhaps one day she will be able to do something with them.

    Thanks for the thought - Hope