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    Law enforcement may take issue with me on this, but it is not the police officers who make the streets safe. It is not the judges, the prosecutor, or anyone else in the professional justice system. It’s the baker, the clerk, the mechanic, the doctor, the receptionist, every single American citizen who accepts the call to jury duty. Clever word smithing can fool a jury, withholding of critical evidence has beguiled a jury, but all for one reason – the jury is more powerful than any other legal body in existence, and it is comprised of the people who live next door, down the block, on the “wrong side” of town, and in the upscale neighborhoods. The officer holds them for trial, the prosecutor may bind them over for trial, the judge may oversee the court room, but the trial will not be for their benefit, but for the body that decides innocence or guilt, the jury, comprised of citizens.

    The citizen is the basis of all actions in this country, fair or foul. The citizen becomes the soldier, becomes the police officer, becomes the doctor, clerk, janitor, and juror. In some rare cases, legal resident aliens may wear a badge with honor, but by and large the citizen provides the basis for all of these things. The citizen is the one who has the sovereign right of franchise, the right to vote, to change things, to improve or to make worse, if fooled by evil men or badly led by good intentioned but incapable leaders. The citizen is the soldier, the police officer, the firefighter, and everyone else who either was born in this country or worked hard for years to acquire what we take for granted…the citizen is the cornerstone, the key, and the path of freedom or slavery, no matter the job or title, no matter the wealth or lack thereof, meanness or grandness of the dwelling.

    Professional politicians live in trepidation of the citizen, and well they should! The citizen understands that American life comes with duties, exercised infrequently, to be sure, but these few duties are part and parcel of the package of citizenship. The duty to sit on a jury of his or her peers is a premier one, and with the awesome responsibility of holding the life or livelihood of someone in their hands. Also, juries possess the seldom known but equally present duty to judge the law itself – few judges fear anything so much as a fully informed jury! But citizenship ends not with simple jury duty, no matter how powerful the duty is, for one overshadows that by far – the duty to ensure that the government is held accountable in all things at all times, a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”, and the citizen has the duty every election cycle to remind the legislators, the judges, the sheriffs, the mayors, all elected officials that they answer not to a law book, a paycheck or an appointed boss, but to the citizenry themselves, even the police officers and other public servants through the use of citizen review boards and oversight committees.

    How few and light are the duties of the American citizen, how awful and terrible the responsibility that joins with such duties, and how derided and spat upon by the rabble rousers and fearful! The citizen is now and forever the rock that upholds the American system. Fear the day when the citizen forgets his duty, when the citizen clamors only for free bread and circuses, and the Mob tears down the walls of the City, for then we will have finally followed Rome into doom. Work instead to educate your children, your neighbors, your friends, your peers, in person, online, or any way possible. Study the few but critically important duties of the American citizen, and lead by example, as others will follow. Work to keep the country, state and city on the path set down so long ago by those inspired men, so we may not see our liberty and justice thrown onto the bloodied sands of the Coliseum, for Caesar’s amusement.

    Remember your duties, and follow them with pride and honor, for you who have the control over the destiny of this great nation have the title that supersedes all others – Citizen of The United States of America.
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    Well said! I wonder just how much money is collected under color of law, without any sworn affidavit from an actual injured party.

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