DVD player and Computer Monitor?

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    I have tried every where I can think of and I am not getting any answers so maybe someone here knows?????

    I have a DVD player with component outputs (Y, Pb, Pr) and a Progressive Scan option. Can I use this with a Computer Monitor with component inputs?

    The monitors I am familiar with from over ten years ago were label with R G B with sync on G (I think???). Are modern component video inputs for Computer Monitors Y, Pb, Pr or R, G, B or is this all the same?????

    I can not seem to find anyone who knows??????

    If I don't need the tuner in a TV why buy it? Computer Monitors are much less expensive. This is for a travel trailer mini home theater. I got the DVD player/mini home theater (DVD/CD player with audio system including AM/FM tuner). It would only be used for audio and playing DVD's and never used for live TV reception. I am contemplating a flat screen monitor purchase but before I look or buy I want reassurances that it will even work.

    Can someone help?

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