Early Christmas Present, WOW.......

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    Went to the gun range this morning to get out of my wifes hair, ( she was getting a hair cut ) my friend that owns the range had aranged for another guy to come out with his newest toy. Armalight ( sp ) 50 BMG, fully loaded, bipod, monster scope ( good for 1000yrds + ) could see the bugs on the ground at 400yrds. Let me fire the thing, MAN, what a rush. called my wife to tell her, she and my oldest son came out to see why I need ( want ) one of these. She was impressed also.

    The recoil of the 50 when shooting is less than my 45/70, but if you are unlucky enough to be standing beside the thing, will give you a bloody nose.

    I have got to get me one. Forget the 338 ultramag, give me the " BIG BOY TOYS ". My wife says " Show Me The Money ".

    If I get nothing else for Christmas this year, the joy of shooting the 50bmg will be just fine.

    Hope you all have a wounderful Christmas.


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    SUPER... sounds like a good time to me

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    They're certainally good for clearing the adjacent benches of other shooters! Since shooting a 50 BMG is sorta a Macho thing, I always ask the fellers that lug them out to our range why they have to have those monstrous muzzle brakes on them - REAL men would shoot them without a brake! Haven't had any takers, yet!!!!
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