Early Rem 700 Value?

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  1. Bug

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Buffalo, Texas
    I have an opportunity at an older Remington 700. It is a SA BDL in .308 Win. I guess it is the earliest example of any I've ever seen. It is pre- Alpha character, with a 6xxx serial number. The safety is somewhat different; it is a paddle sort of affair. Overall the rifle is pretty clean with little blueing wear, but has some built-up gunk,here & there, that is probably oxidized oil/solvents (maybe WD-40?). The stock is a little rough, with some pretty good dings, and has the aluminum buttplate. It should refinish okay, though. The thing that struck me, was this rifle's action is VERY smooth. Much more so than any of the other ones I own.
    An added bonus is an unusual ring & base unit (I've never seen one like it) and I like unusual. They support an older Redfield (3X9?) scope, that is very clear. It was probably bought new with the rifle.
    Can anyone give me some opinions on the value - I know this will be subjective - and maybe an idea as to when this rifle might have been made? Is there a 'site where I could find out year of manuf? Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bug.
  2. The Rifleman

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Remingtons are not collectables.

    The first ones made are worth almost as much as the ones that were made last year.

    Only Winchester Model 70, Pre 1964's are collected by anybody.

    Unless it was a presentation gun or a odd caliber that was only offered for one year - it probably isn't worth more than $550.00

    The funny thing is that you can buy a New Remington Model 700 for almost the same price as a used Model 700 with a scope and mounts.

    So what you have to determine is do you like the scope and mounts enough to pay that amount of money for one - or would you rather just buy someone else's used weapon and not know the history of that gun?

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