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Early Ruger Blackhawk

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Can anyone comment about this pretty early (I think1957?) Ruger Blackhawk in .44 magnum. Serial number is 930X. It seems to be in good, but used shape. The bluing is almost going to a plum color in places. I'd appreciate an estimated value. Many thanks.

Also - can anyone tell me what this is? I have looked at lots of pictures of early model Blackhawks, but have not seen this "button" behind the trigger.

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I like your revolver and I collect the older Ruger 3 screws.

That is the Old Model Ruger Blackhawk 44 magnum "Flat Top." The Flat Top is a well sought after revolver and with your particular barrel length it is a valuable gun. The barrel is 4 5/8". The gun even though being worn is in nice condition. The screws look to be in excellent condition. I am assuming it has not had the transfer bar conversion. I have seen your particular gun sell for as much as $1200.00. In a sellers market you need to get that in front of collectors. That's the ticket for getting what it's worth. As far as book value, I don't know but we will see what the pro's have to say.

I like it. It has a nice rustic look with character. They are hard to find.
The "button" is the trigger spring plunger, but it looks to be sticking out too far, so something may be wrong, like a broken trigger. The grips are not original.

It looks like the hammer is in the "Safety" position which would engage the trigger spring plunger forcing the trigger into the halfcock position. That extension of the trigger spring plunger is normal in the halfcock position. That would be a neat gun to shoot and look at.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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