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I recently became interested in firearms and shooting, have taken several gun safety classes, etc., and have spent a lot of time improving my skills with the help of experienced gun owners.
As a result, for Christmas, my older brother handed down to me the Sauer 38H that my late father brought home from Germany after WWII.
It's invaluable to me, and I have no plans to sell it. But I want to learn as much about it as I can, because I intend this to be an heirloom.
I have done a great deal of research on the gun, determined many things about it.
But I have hit the wall when it comes to one thing: the serial number.
Based on the research I have done, I am thinking it should have a serial number in the 270000 range or up. But it doesn't. It has a serial number of 268xxx.
I can post photos, if needed.
As I said, I am not looking for a valuation. I am looking for information.
Oh, and it shoots like a dream. Best and tightest groupings I've had yet.
Hit the black circle every time.
LOVE it! Everyone says this should become my conceal. I'm not sure I want to do THAT, but, after a few hours shooting this gun, I DID go try a few Sig Sauers out for feel and ended up buying a 1911. Definitely finding the Sigs to my liking.
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