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I picked up one of these up at pawn shop sale a ways back, the price was low and the condition wasn't bad so I figured why the hell not it'd be a good just for fun gun. Now a few weeks ago it stopped feeding rounds from the tube, I'm pretty sure its the cartridge cut off acting up, but one little problem has gotten in the way of my fixing it which leads me to my question.
Anyone know how to dissassemble one of these?
I've been trying for awhile now and still haven't figured it out.

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(2/9/03 9:19:11 am)
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Hi Spectre D.......welcome to TFF.

Your Eastfield 916 is the same as the Smith & Wesson 916.

I don't know how to disassemble it, but if you need parts, GunPartsCorp has 'em:

Keep checking back.....sooner or later somebody will be along who can answer you question.
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