Easy, scrumptious, blackeye peas... (Add yours!)

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    Not to be confused with the Hip Hop band! :D

    I just wanted to list this "recipe" because it came out really good and because I also wanted to see what all you folks do differently with yours.

    Not a true recipe because I didn't measure the spices... Add/omit to taste.:p

    About a pound of peas soaked overnight
    Couple cans of diced tomatoes (Wish I had the Rotel "Hot")
    2 Hot Italian sausage links sliced up.
    2 Ham steaks diced
    1 Heaping (soup) spoon of minced garlic
    3 Spoons of store bought jalapeño peppers
    Cajun seasoning
    Onion powder
    Garlic powder
    Chili powder
    Habanero powder

    I cooked these in a crock pot on high for about an hour to get the heat going, then reduced to medium for about eight hours then allowed the porcelain to cool and set in the fridge overnight... The next day they turned out really good!

    Didn't have an onion, but want to try it with one.

    Add your recipe! Happy New Year!!! :)

  2. carver

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    Man, them is some dressed up peas! I just usually use some bacon, or ham hocks, along with salt and pepper. Made a pot for New Year's day. Heck, they was as good as the 'nanner puddin'!

  3. flannelman

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    Sounds like good stuff.....

    I do something like this when I make peas.

    1 lb peas soaked overnight
    1 med onion chopped
    some sliced pepper (whatever type you like)
    3-4 cloves chopped garlic
    ground black pepper
    a couple of bay leaves
    bacon or ham if you have it or bacon grease, sometimes I'll use a Tsp of olive oil instead
    let them cook a long time and then serve with pepper sauce and corn bread
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