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Well said Stash!

Quite a few years ago I had the opportunity to train with the current version of the Japanese army and become quite friendly with many of their troops. They were the most generous hosts and some of the finest people I have met anywhere in the world.

I never met any Japanese that were old enough to remember the Second War but those I did meet had no animosity toward us. They had huge respect and admiration for the United States. It was actually very touching after all of the places I've been where "Death to America!" is the norm.

The Samurai may be gone but the warrior spirit still resides in their military and old traditional families. As one proud people to another, and as friends, I say give the old swords back to the families if they can be found. Perhaps for the price of a round trip ticket to Japan to deliver it in person?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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