Editorial from Jail: Rick Stanley

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    Jun 27, 2001
    America's Symbolic Speech

    Our Country's history, is rich with examples of symbolic speech, from fiery men
    who had principles, integrity, honor, and strength of character. Today, as in
    the time of our forefathers, symbolic speech is once again persecuted by the
    government powers, once again jailing those who would dare to challenge the
    authority of men, acting under the "COLOR OF LAW", abusing the God given rights
    of Americans.

    The Constitution of America was written by men such as the first mentioned
    group, not the second, those who would destroy this time honored document. The
    Constitution was born from the Declaration of Independence, after Americans had
    enough of the usurpation and abuse of power, from the government of the day, and
    as Jefferson quoted, "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered
    with the blood of tyrants and patriots". These patriots were willing to demand
    their God given rights of freedom, self defense, and the fruits of their labor:
    wages and property. This Constitution was the culmination of efforts, by those
    Patriots, to forever bind their New American government within the boundaries of
    rule of law, the authority of the people to men and women who were supposed to
    have conscience, while given the authority to govern in this country.

    Fifty six men of the day, signed the Declaration of Independence. Each of these
    God loving, Christian men, gave heartfelt and fiery orations around the thirteen
    colonies, which have been historically and affectionately called by America,
    "symbolic speech".

    The first amendment of the Bill of Rights, now a part of the Constitution the
    last 212 years this upcoming Dec. 15, 2003, protects and guarantees the right of
    free speech, to petition the government for grievances and not be coincidence,
    symbolic speech, as well. Without "symbolic speech", freely made by men willing
    to stand up to greed, power, corruption, fraud, and deceit, America and the
    ideals and principles, espoused in our Constitution, would not exist. The
    Supreme Law of the Land would simply not exist.

    Fast forward to America, today in the latter half of the year 2003, finding
    America gripped in the clutches of men and women, who have usurped the power of
    people through subterfuge, fraud and deceit, with their own agenda of destroying
    the Supreme Law of the Land, with the philosophy and interpretation that the
    Constitution is a "living document", to be ignored because "times have changed".
    This thinking permeates government at all levels and branches, from the White
    House and Congress, to state and local government and the lowest courts of our
    land, to the highest. Destruction of the Constitution and the freedoms
    guaranteed and protected in the Bill of Rights thereof, is the absolute aim of
    those in power today in America. The Politicians and Judges of this country,
    have stolen our God given, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights,
    because they can. America allows this to happen, because our government
    controlled schools have stopped teaching about the "Real Constitution" and the
    duty of each citizen to assure that those in government, honor their "Oath of
    office to defend the Constitution". The controlled media is nothing more than a
    propaganda machine of the globalist international bankers, who arranged for our
    Politicians and Judges, to sell out America, in the name of money and the
    material things it can bring to them. Judges across America conspire to fool
    Americans into thinking they have Constitutional rights in the courts, with
    their carefully thought out speech to the accused before trial. These Judges
    tell you what your rights are, helping you to believe that the rights the Judge
    is "granting you", are your Constitutional rights. This is the illusion the
    courts create now in this country. It is another carefully crafted lie,
    maintained by all in the government to fraudulently steal the birthright and
    heritage of freedom and liberty, based on "rule of Constitutional and common

    What America doesn't seem to grasp is the basic fact whereas, "if we don't have
    Constitutional rights in the courts, we don't have Constitutional rights in the

    Americans are desperate to believe their government is benevolent and is
    actually operating within the boundaries of their authority to govern. They
    conveniently forget that the Constitution IS that authority, and that authority
    IS the people.

    So what does "symbolic speech" have to do with all this you ask? Not much, just

    Since December of 2001, one man in Denver and then again in the summer of 2002
    in Thornton, one Rick Stanley, had the audacity to "exercise his God given,
    protected and guaranteed 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms on his
    person, openly, lawfully within his State Constitution right as well, while
    campaigning for the 2002 US Senate race in Colorado. Arrested, jailed, tried,
    convicted and jailed again for exercising rights. Rights are "NOT PRIVILAGES".
    In March of 2003, the State Legislature and Governor signed SB-25, pre-empting
    and declaring the ordinances Stanley was arrested for, as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The
    judges in Denver, Thornton, Adams County and Colorado, failed to uphold their
    oaths of office to defend the Constitution and Stanley's rights.

    That same Rick Stanley, sent judicial notice to the Thornton and Adams County
    Judges, in a legal document, a pleading, or a "notice" to the court. Many of you
    know this, as a Motion to the Court. Thousands of lawyers do this each and every
    day, in every court in the land. It is an accepted practice rooted in free
    speech, symbolic speech, petition for redress of grievance, intended to
    influence the judge to rule in the favor of the individual, who is forced to
    rely on the court, to have their rights upheld in court.

    Judge Rose of Thornton and Judge Marshall of Adams county received exactly the
    same document, tendered lawfully by Stanley to the court, demanding Stanley's
    Constitutional rights be upheld by each Judge in Stanley's case. No threat was
    made, just judicial notice these judges were violating Stanley's rights and
    their oath of office to defend the Constitutions. The LEGAL NOTICE stated the
    judges were operating under the "color of law", violating the "condition" each
    of these men swore to uphold upon taking the Judge's office, which was a
    treasonous act, that could result in charges filed and an arrest warrant issued
    by the militia. The militia, is another word for the people, the authority for
    government. The militia and the people were in existence before the Declaration
    of Independence, the American Revolution, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    The people, the militia, were in existence BEFORE the founding documents giving
    the government the authority to govern. The people, the militia pre-date the
    existence of our servant, the government.

    These two Judges, using their office, under color of law once again, filed
    felony charges against Stanley for attempting to "Influence a Public Official".
    They used their "positions" to bring charges against another citizen, under the
    pretense of another "statute", another law they have enacted that is
    unconstitutional, vague, and in Stanley's case, has harmed no one, no property
    stolen, in other words, just another victimless "crime against the state". The
    legislatures at the state and federal levels have made thousands of these
    victimless crimes against the state, to control and relieve citizens of their
    money and property. The judicial branch of government continues the charade of a
    "justice system", by systematically enacting their own rules and regulations,
    effectively creating law, to exploit the system for their own gain as well. The
    creation of private jails, corporations that charge for "classes", electronic
    monitoring, and a host of other "services" for the citizen unlucky enough to be
    caught up in this injustice system must pay for or back to the jails again. A
    majority of the crimes committed have no victim and in fact would not have been
    a "crime" one hundred years ago. Judges hide behind corporations, raking in
    profit, based on their decisions.

    Stanley and his case, are a barometer of how corrupt and fraudulent America's
    judicial system and government have become. When an honest man can be tossed in
    jail on the word of another, charged with the "crime" of filing a pleading with
    the court to "influence a public official", forced to pay an attorney thousands
    of dollars to defend against this fraudulent charge on top of the others it
    stems from, as well as pay a $50,000 bond times two, for two identical pleadings
    to two judges for the same issue, when the bond was only supposed to be $5,000
    each, now a total of $100,000, it can only be a matter of time before it will
    happen to you.

    Yes, the system is irretrievably broken, as stated by a federal judge in this
    very same year of 2003 at a speech in one of our country's finest eastern law
    schools. The Police State of America is here. Funny that the media in Colorado,
    made fun of Stanley, for making exactly that prediction, made during the US
    Senate Campaign in 2001 and 2002 in Colorado.

    Or is it funny?

    Symbolic free speech is now a crime. Last few years, several people have been
    jailed for "thought crimes". Every one of the ten Bill of Rights is violated
    each and every day against American citizens, by the Police State of America.

    Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death.".

    Ben Franklin said, "We gave you a republic, now see if you can keep it.".

    America has been socialized, communized, politically corrected, and now
    tyrannized by fascist policies similar to what the citizens of Nazi Germany only
    began to experience in the 30's and early 40's of the last century. America has
    been told since the Thirties, that our country is a Democracy. The government
    and media have reinforced that point over and over, through the use of their
    propaganda techniques and America suffers in ignorance. The people no longer
    have the courage, or will to resist, the tyranny of the government that has
    overthrown America.

    These thoughts continue to dominate my days, as I sit in jail, day after day. I
    am a convicted American who had the audacity to exercise his rights. I am an
    American grandfather, business owner and entrepreneur, property owner, husband
    and now citizen without rights, under the total control of the Police State. I
    have new felony charges with 32 potential years of prison threatening my life
    and future, hanging over me, for giving judicial notice to two men on the bench,
    legally, lawfully and Constitutionally, so their ego and fraudulent treason
    against a citizen, can be covered up and tucked away in a prison cell.

    Free symbolic speech. The right to keep and bear arms. The right to petition
    with redress of grievance. Our forefathers blood won these rights in the
    American Revolutionary War for Themselves, their countrymen, as well as for
    future generations of Americans. These fine men of honor, integrity and strength
    of character, must surely be crying the tears of sorrow, for America, as they
    roll over in their graves, disgusted by the acts of those who have sold out
    America, destroying the heritage and birthright of all Americans.

    I continue to sit in the jail of the damned.

    Americans continue to believe that they live in the most free country in the
    world, accepting the illusion of freedom and liberty. Samuel Adams said, "If ye
    love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the
    animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels
    or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains
    set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.".

    Symbolic speech has a way of stirring the pot, magnifying the truth to epic
    proportions. How long will America sleep? How long before the ideals and
    principles of the Constitution are once again the Supreme Law of the Land, not
    just in word, but in deed? Where is the courage of the American patriot?

    I pray to the Lord each day for the deliverance of the American people from the
    fascist tyranny of this "Democracy" that has overthrown America from within. The
    war isn't in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the remaining five countries targeted by the
    international bankers for America's military to be the spear point of their
    ambitions. The war is here, the real war is right here in America. It is
    directed at Americans. Americans will fill the jails, prisons, concentration
    camps of this war. America's sons and daughters, the fruits of their labor,
    their property and their ability to pay, will be the object of this war on
    America. Our forefathers are weeping.

    While we continue to send our children to their deaths fighting wars for
    "security", those left in America will pay the price. What price you say? The
    ultimate price: Freedom and liberty lost.
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    Zigzag2 Guest

    I have followed this, and have mixed feelings toward him personally. I realize he's fighting a good fight, however I'm thinking he's put himself in a precarious position?

    Patriot or Extremist?

    It doesn't need to be mentioned that or Forefathers were extremists, I'm sure they were, and taking into consideration today's continuing 'Fight for Freedom,' I need to ask if Rick Stanley's cause, is best served in jail?

    Shizamus, I would like to know your feelings are, on his plight?

  3. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    Did the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    fare any better ?

    Patriot or Extremist ? Most likely both, it all depends
    what the definition of is is.

    I question what is wrong with either one when we are
    under constant Threat, Duress and Coersion from
    the opposing extremists.

    Thru out history there have been those that would
    oppose and stand up for what is right to fight evil.
    But in order to do that they would have to put their
    nuts on the chopping block and take their chances
    of becoming martyrs.

    If you do not want to have your comfort zone disturbed
    then you should learn to be happy living on your knees.

    Nothing was ever changed whithout some sort of sacrifice.

    We should not be so critical of those that do put their nuts
    on the line and use it as a coverup for our inactivity.

    We all have choices, choose your battle.

    As far as Rick's choices are concerned, they should be
    an inspiration to us !
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2003
  4. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    Shizamus, my question/comment was based on todays fight for freedom. Not who wishes to pit their nuts on a chopping block (however, that pretty well discribes it), nor do I need a brief history lesson and even less, your version of martyrs. :rolleyes:

    Rick Stanley is now sitting in jail... the victim? :eek:

    Rick Stanley chose his fight, and now his unfortunate, difficult, and precarious situation is best served sitting in jail, looking at a looooooooooooog time?

    IMHO, I don't think so.

    A bird in the hand, is better than 2 in jail. :D
  5. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Actually, his cause might be very well served by his sitting in jail at this time. If he did, indeed, serve a lawful notice to these judges and they have charged him with felonies of "trying to influence" a public official, he will very possibly win on appeal. This can bring down those judges and cost them civil and criminal punishment. That would put many more minor judges on notice that they also can be brought into line, with dire consequences. The first step of a journey is the most necessary and hardest one. We start with the easiest target. The birds on the lower branches, so as not to alert the ones on the higher ones. :D

  6. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    Thanks Pop's, I know he's fighting a good fight.

    I like and agree with your analogy ...
    I also agree with another gentelmen's comment ...
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