EEA Windicator 357

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    Jan 30, 2018
    EEA ( European American Arms )

    Windicator chambered in .357 Magnum

    Six Round Capacity


    K Frame

    Two Inch - Snub Nosed Revolver

    Price Point Below $350.00 US

    At a glance, this handgun's beefy yet low profile look will catch most anyone's eye who is looking for conceal carry or home protection revolver.

    I found my first one at a local gun show used for 200.00 and figured why not if it's junk I can use it for trade. The first thing I was really impressed with was how good it felt in my hand and how balanced it was. So after some more shopping I headed to the range with my new goodies.

    I had picked up some .357 at the gun show for my new to me EAA. I was really interested in its accuracy, though I wasn't expecting much so I took my time. I started at 10 yards aiming steadily at the X, my first round nailed it I repeated this 5 more times and SUB results that I could cover with a nickel easily. ( I didn't have a dime on me). I moved back to 25 yards and again had the same results.

    I asked a buddy of mine to shoot it, he is a fair shot and hates revolvers. The first thing he said after the first round was "man! This thing has no recoil" I admit it hadn't crossed my mind, but he was right it was very little recoil. We continued to shoot it for the next half hour or so, until we were out of ammo.

    Later that week I decided to see how it matched up against other revolvers in its class.

    A Ruger SP101, a Smith & Wesson Lady's Smith, a Taurus 605 and a Rossi model POS.

    The Windicator put these guns to shame when it came to fast accurate combat shooting. In slow steady fire the Lady Smith and SP101 were equal to the EAA. Off hand and single strong side the EAA held its own but was definitely not the Lady Smith. It did outshoot the SP101 due to the weight of that weapon.

    In short the EAA is a fantastic buy at its price point and will stand on its own against some much more expensive options. It has had no malfunctions and is great for concealed carry.

    The EEA Windicator snub nose is a bull barrel, extremely ergonomic, extremely low recoil, surprisingly accurate and affordable revolver. In my humble opinion this revolver should be on everyone's top 10 list.
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    I was eyeballing the Windicator a few months ago. I ended up with the Ruger SP101 instead. I have to say the Windicator I handled at the shop was very impressive for its price point I've seen and owned far worse guns in that category. (Rock Island M206)
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    Nov 22, 2015
    why didn't you like the rock island? I was considering the 4 inch model,

    I have an EAA windicator, and thou happy with it in the beginning, it has given me grief, not sure if I got it sorted out but it started acting up after some use, action binding and not as accurate either, I tinkered with it some I have to take it out and test it again, I came across similar complaints while looking into it but no solutions, its a cheap gun and most owners are not knowledgeable enough or wish to pay a smith