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We've done a fw hundred eForms since the system went live (again) in December 2021. At first it was a pretty rocky learning curve but the software seems to have stabilized some and it is by and large a pretty smooth operation. Note: we have a Silencer Shop kiosk in-house for electronic fingerprint capture and process all of our eForm 4's through Silencer Shop - but that is not required. Here is how it works, both ways, after the customer chooses a silencer and makes payment. We have transferred silencers, short-barrelled firearms and machineguns successfully with this process.

1. Customer MUST go to EFORMS.ATF.GOV and establish an eForms account. Fill the form out carefully. You will create a minimum 12-character (!) password that you use to access your eForms account - it is not used to submit any eForms. You will also create a 4-digit PIN that absolutely IS NECESSARY to "certify" (digitally sign) your eForms. Remember that PIN!

2. Once you complete that registration you will receive an email from ATF with your username, which will be your first initial, up to five characters of your last name, and four to five digits. You MUST have this to certify your eForm. Print the email, write it down, get a tattoo, whatever you have to do. You can recover it from your eForms account if you fail to keep it.

3. If your dealer uses Silencer Shop and has a kiosk, you can electronically upload your fingerprints and photograph to your Silencer Shop account. It doesn't matter where the silencer was purchased, your dealer can run it through Silencer Shop's software. You would purchase your tax stamp on Silencer Shop's website and can even set up a trust. Go to #5..

4. If your dealer is not capturing your prints you can still use eForms. Your dealer will take your photograph so it can be uploaded to the form. If you are using a trust your dealer will need an electronic copy to upload to the eForm. Note that all responsible parties on a trust must submit photos and fingerprints, but not beneficiaries. You will complete the eForm 4 at your dealer's shop, upload all that stuff, and you will be directed to PAY.GOV to pay the tax stamp. At the end of the process you will input your eForms username and your PIN, then the dealer will input his PIN and the form will be submitted. You and your dealer will get an email immediately acknowledging the submission and it will have a cover letter for your inked fingerprint cards. Whether your dealer does the cards or you get a PD/SO to do them, you only have ten days to get them sent off to the address on the cover letter. You MUST include the cover letter with the print cards. You're done.

5. Silencer Shop will send you trust documents via DocuSign (if applicable). Once everything is collected (prints, photo, eForm info and trust if you choose) you will be prompted to contact the dealer. You can certify the eForm in person at the dealer's shop or remotely in a joint eForms session. Once certified, you're done.

Your information on your Silencer Shop account must EXACTLY match your eForms account. If your name has an apostrophe or a hyphen that has to be exactly the same on both sides.

As for return times, we are seeing approvals between 80-120 days as of June 2022.
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