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Hope this is the correct forum. I have a 303 have had it for many many years use to be my dad's before he passed away
i have not put a round thru it in many many years.

A few days ago i got it out just to look at it and feel it in my hands,i open the bolt and then tried to close it and i noticed that the bolt would not stay down.

I noticed also that i could pull the trigger back and hold it there and work the bolt and the bolt would stay in the position it needs to to fire the rifle.

The magazine was empty and no round in the chamber i am going to assume these do not have to have ammo in them in order for the bolt to stay down, give me your thoughts

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should operate empty as when loaded

remove the bolt and rotate the head fully once counter clockwise and replace and retry if the head is wound in to far or not enough it will create what your describing

the bolt head is the headspacing adjustment
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