Enfield No. 1 MK III from SOG

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    I picked up three of the Enfield No. 1 MK III rifles from SOG. One was a BSA 1916, one was a SHTLY 1917, and the other was an Ishapore 1929. None of them had the brass stock arsenal disk and screw, and two of them had the exposed metal coated with a brown paint. I paid $85 each for them, so I wasn't really expecting the greatest; however, I was not impressed. I stripped down one of the painted ones, and found that the metal under the woodwork was painted with a grey-green coating! I set to work with some OO steel wool and WD-40. The grey-green stuff comes off readily, and there is still a deep blue beneath it! The brown paint is a little tougher coming off, but there is good blueing beneath it too. There is no rust or pitting, and the bores are excellent. The woodwork is a bit dry, but it is a pretty deep dark walnut. Some linseed oil and steel wool will fix the furniture. I know that Springfield Sporters has the brass stock disks and screws. It is going to take some time and elbow grease, but actually, I think these will turn out to be some fine rifles!
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    has been on rusty junk. Nonetheless, I'm very interested in pre-Great War Enfields and earlier. Trouble is, prices on the few I've seen are into the skies, and even if I could pay them I wouldn't, expecting thousands to descend from Sudan or some such place.

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    The Smelly Project -

    Started work on the Ishapore 1929. Found that a toothbrush and laquer thinner worked the best to remove the paint - especially in little cracks and crevices. Finally got all the paint off and oiled down the metal work - no pits, no rust, and it would rate very good to fine! Started working on the furniture. Spent several hours with OO steel wool removing the crusty grim and smoothing out the dings and scratches. Worked in the first layer of boiled linseed oil with OO steel wool - worked it for about two hours. Steel wooled the brass butt plate to a nice shine.

    Stepped back and admired the pieces layed out on the bench - not bad for $85! I will work in a couple more coats of linseed oil, and I have some brass arsenal disks and screws on order from Springfield Sporters.

    Two more rifles to go!
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