Enfield No.4 Mk I* problem!

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by LDBennett, May 30, 2008.

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    That must be a new posting because a week they showed "out of stock".

    Here is where the rifle is. Further investigtion shows the throat to be shot out. There is .750 inches of freebore!!! That means the bullet leaves the case and has to travel over a 1/4 inch without being guided by the barrel. No wonder it tumbles (keyholes) bullets!

    I have returned it to the dealer and he and I have to talk about what we'll do next (he was not in when I dropped the rifle off). Century may (??) replace the barrel for free (??). If not I'll order up one of those barrels from Numrich and fit it myself. But I most surely checkout the throat and rifling first!

    Thanks for the info. I had almost given up on Numrich.

    The problem with the 308 barrel and the 303 Brit chamber is the tooling required to do it. Chamber reamers normally have a fixed bushing end that goes into the bore to guide the reamer in its task of making the chamber. Since the 308 bore is .300 inches and the 303 bore is closer to .308 inches the 303 Brit chamber reamer will not fit into the bore of a 308 barrel. The option is a chamber reamer that has interchangable bushings (if you can find one) and using the 308 bushing on the 303 Brit reamer. The cost of the reamer escalates substantially when you add the optional interchangeable bushing feature, but it is possible, I guess.

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    heh sorry guys, just typed in 303 british. looking to get some wood (stock full wood) have a sporter. I live in Canada and my Late grandfather was in WWII and i am wanting to build a nice memorial for him "great man" just wondering if any on out there has some to buy? thanks guys.

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