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Recently acquired English fowling piece, 37" barrel, 16 bore, iron furniture:

Full picture album here: Fowler

Original flint or well-done re-conversion? The lock is marked "I. Field" and has a roller frizzen and toggle-link between mainspring and tumbler. The cock looks shinier, so maybe a replacement?

Barrel is oct.-to-rnd, damascus steel, marked "TWISTED" and "STUBB" or "STUBS" on underside, with proof-marks crown-over-P and crown-over-V. No vent liner. The touch-hole is drilled directly into the bbl.

Walnut stock with checkered wrist, and horn nose-cap on forearm. No cheek piece.

The name "W. NORTH" is stamped on the gun in three places: butt-stock behind wrist, behind lock bolt (upside-down!), and on wrist escutcheon. An owner's name?

Wooden rammer with no outer tip, has iron tow worm affixed to inner tip.

Looks like, from the indent, it originally had a bead sight. Sloppily soldered blade sight replacement. Also appears the muzzle was cut back a half-inch or so, probably due to wear or damage to the very thin barrel wall at the muzzle.

Very light (just over 6 lbs) and well-balanced. Nice bore with light surface rust but no pitting.

What say ye...?
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