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    Hi, as a WW2 vet I served a tour with the Japanese Occupation Army in Tokyo GHQ. I was a buck Sgt.
    Sometime around 47-48 some A-hole at the Dept. of the Army decided to create a new enlisted rank of RECRUIT, followed by PRIVATE, then Pvt. 1st CLASS, then CORPORAL, then SERGEANT. Since I was under the old system an E4 (Sgt) now became a CORPORAL, which pissed me off no end. We were supposed to take our Sgt 3 stripes off and put on the new little gold 2 stripes. I never did, but when I was discharged in 49 my papers read CORPORAL. I fear that somewhere down the line that someone will think that I was a Corporal masquerading as a Sgt.
    Does the Army still have the rating of RECRUIT??

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    Re: Enlisted Ranks
    Welcome to TFF ABunky

    This is how the Army rank structure is now (enlisted)
    E-1 Private
    E-2 Private
    E-3 Private First Class
    E-4 Specialist 4 or Corporal, A Corporal is a NCO while a Spec 4 is not.
    E-5 SGT
    E-6 SSG
    E-7 SFC
    E-8 MSG or 1st SGT
    E-9 SGM

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    Re: Enlisted Ranks
    If you need my input, here it is. For the USAF, they refer to their recruits as 'trainees'. I hope I helped. If you want to know the ranks of the AF, please ask, as I have to know them when I go through BMT.
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