Essex Frames:

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    I was away for some days and upon My return the Essex staynless oversize frame had arrived, very nice, overall, but the geometry on the holes is not the same as Colt or Springfield, any one had much problem with the new Essex's?

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    Tye, glad your back. I always thought the older frames were inconsistant and the newer ones were much better. You may have a bad one, send it back. OR could I interest you in a Gold Cup barrel. That could be interesting. lol

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    Shooter, I fitted My old Bullseye rig to that frame,Colts, national match slide, Bomar accutuner rib, with extended sight,and Wilson Match Bbl. and it turned out nice! very tight, I spent best part of one evening lapping slide to frame, but it was worth it, locks like A safe! I traded it today for A Rem.700 with A McMillen #5 contour .270 Bbl. and HS Precision stock, and 6.5X20 Leupold 50 MM. scope,I was happy, and the Guy I traded with was happy, and He has Young eyes and will get some use out of the .45, that Essex frame had the grip screws set .040 to the rear of what the prints call for, no big problem, but seems kind of strange, as everything else was dead on,would not hesitate to use another,

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    I built my .45 back in '83 or '84. (Maybe '82, I must be getting old...)

    I bought/traded for a decent "shooter" with an alloy frame, Ithaca Military slide that had a BoMar High mounted on it, a series 70 barrel, and mostly Colt parts, for $35 cash and a Ruger Bearcat Black label in not so good condition missing the spare cylinder I had just traded a Model 66 with a timing problem for. (DId I confuse you?)

    Wanted to start shooting IPSC, and was scared of the alloy frame...

    bought a "complete" military parts kit containing EVERYTHING except frame, ejector, and grip escutcheons for $50 from some guy needing cash, had a Remington Slide. He said his Dad brought it back from the Navy and never put it together. (Midnight Requisition?)

    I put it all on my alloy frame, and sold it for $275.

    Went to order an Essex frame, and was told by several people to "stay away." (Was that early production?)

    Ended up ordering an AMT Hardballer frame from J&G and built it on that, still have it, must have 100,000-150,000 full house IPSC rounds through it. It rattles a little bit too much now, but still works fine. Took me from "novice" to "B" in about 3 years, but I got out of it before I bought a Nastoff, Clark, or Wilson Accucomp and REALLY PO'ed the wife!

    Long story, sorry, but if a PolishPerson can "build" a .45 that works well, ANYBODY can...

    Just use a jig for your trigger/sear/disconnector/hammer work or buy extra parts for WHEN not IF you screw up, and remember "Polishing" does NOT involve a FILE!!!!

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    Reply Re: Essex Frames:
    I built my competition gun on an early ('80 or '81) Essex frame and had no trouble at all. The frame rails were a tad tight, but that was good because it enabled me to lap the Remington slide to the frame.

    I put in a Mk. IV, Series 70 National Match barrel and matching collet-type bushing......polished the feedramp and the ramp/chamber interface. I added a N.M. trigger, stoned the sear, added a long tang grip safety, beveled the magazine well, opened up the ejection port, and installed MMC adjustable combat sights. I also put on Pachmayr wrap around grips and a Pachmayer flat mainspring housing.

    It isn't pretty, but it sure shoots nice!

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    Hey X, mine is almost identical, except I have Wilson fixed combat sights, same sight picture as low-mount BoMars.

    I had a problem with the grips getting slippery when my hands sweated. (I sweat alot, especially when I'm nervous, like on the line on a big match...)

    I carefully cut the front "wraparound" from the Pachmayrs with a razor knife and used them just as "panels." Then I "stippled" the front strap with an automatic center punch.

    The best mod I did! Those raised sharp points just grab your fingers and won't slip ever. Plus it looks good too, at least on the SS frame, I don't know what it would do to the look of a blued...

    Just use a pencil and a ruler to mark "boundaries" on the frame to keep the stippling even, and not too close to the edge, so you don't slip and scratch the side.

    Plus, I shot for about two years with NM solid bushings, until I replaced the barrel with a new Series 70 that had a mathing collet too...Even though EVERYBODY told me about "broken fingers" and how I wouldn't like it, I still have that bushing after all these years, and still use it with no problems. In fact, I converted it to 6" with a custom BarSto for a couple of years with a solid, but went back to the collet when I went back to 5". I like it better than solid for some reason I can't explain...good to see I'm not alone!

    Seems to lock up tighter with it.

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