European scope mount machined into frame? Benelli MP90S

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by LDBennett, Sep 5, 2009.

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    I have a Benelli MP90S Olympic style target pistol in 22LR.

    It appears to have a double scope mount rail system on the frame. The inner one measures nearly 11mm across the deepest part of the vees cut into the frame. The outer one measures nearly 18mm across the deepest part of the vees cut into the frame. The clearance slots for the cross bolt of the ring is too shallow for standard rings and a cross bolt has to be skinnier than any regular American ring to fit.

    What fits this? The standard 11 mm rings?

    I'm confused as the importer, Larry's Guns, sells a very expensive mount for this gun and it appears to me a single regular 11 mm scope ring would hold a tube type red dot just fine. I have no 11 mm rings to try this.

    Anyone got an answer to what fits this gun exactly, besides the very expensive Larry's Guns manufactured mount? Someone must have mounted a tube type red dot to this gun without using the Larry's Guns mount (???).

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Larry's is not cheap but often is the only practical answer.

    I somewhat understand your problem; but not in specific detail enough to give specific advice, as I have examined Benelli's only in passing. All I have encountered were being used with iron sights.

    My entry level Hammerli has what looks like a 7/16" (11 mm) 22 RF "tip - off" set of grooves machined into the top of the barrel. Heavy Air-Gun grade Tip-Off mounts (usually available from Target Sports liquidators, in Texas, in both 1" and 30 mm) clamped onto the barrel using a little Red Loc-Tite for added friction between the claws and the barrel has worked well for me.

    {Of course this complicates cleaning, as the mounts have to come off for complete cleaning which is really necessary only occasionally.}

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    Hi L.D.
    I my be getting the wrong end of the stick here but what you decribe sounds to me like friend has on his new Ruger 10/22 i.e. two mounting options. The inner 11mm wide rails are for standard 11mm mounts, what a lot of people call rimfire mounts. The wider outer rails are for the weaver style where the mounts open up to about an 1" wide.

    See attached photo the mount on the right opens out to suit the 11mm and the one on the left closes down to around 15mm but opens out to suit Weaver size.

    I hope this helps



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