example of lawful punishment of wives

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    A Saudi man used acid to deform his wife by splashing the burning liquid on her face, chest and hand on the ground she is a bad wife.

    A 160-second U-Tube film published by the Saud MBC satellite TV channel showed the unnamed veiled woman suffered from serious skin burns near her eye and on the chest and hand. The woman related what happened to her through the film, which also included scenes from a Saudi TV episode edited by MBC to underscore the woman’s ordeal.

    The wife said they had a happy life when they first got married before he started to beat her up, adding that he had promised her many times to stop hitting her.

    “But he never stopped…one day he asked me to prepare dinner…when I brought dinner for him, he said he does not want to eat….I took the food away and stayed in another room before he screamed for me,” she said.

    “When I went to him, I saw the acid bottle in his hand…I was scared and begged him not to hurt me for the sake of our three sons…but he said ;’I have sworn to God that I would burn you with acid…he then got up and threw acid on my face, chest and hand…..I yelled in pain and fell down…I begged him to bring water for me but instead, he threw more acid on me….I got up and ran out of the back door but he chased me and wanted to throw more acid on me…his mother stopped him but he said :’I want to kill this woman because she is a bad wife.”

    The woman said her husband had abandoned her and took away two elder sons, leaving the younger one with her. “I want my sons back…he took them away and won’t let me see them…he left me this one and said he won’t recognize him.”

    In its weekly programme entitled “violence against wives in Saudi Arabia,” MBC did not say where that family lives in the Gulf Kingdom.


    i been following this a couple weeks now ..

    the result is the husband has been cleared of any wrong doing , the wife has been charged with a few crimes and i'm still not clear on what they are , but he's been allowed to divorce her not pay her a cent and order her to not contact his sons ..

    thats what the love of allah is folks

    and any women out their who think blocking islam is racist , ask em what they think of this ..
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    allah is merciful and wise .... what a load of bull

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