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(8/25/01 9:07:31 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Exotic 12 guage loads...
At the Indy 1500 show today there was a table with a bunch of exotic 12 guage rounds for sale, usually in packs of 3 for $9 to $12.

Flechette loads, buckNball, two slug loads, Nail loads (They must have listened to me!,) "Rhodesian Loads (#4 buck over #4 bird,) and a few others, plus all the exploding "bird bombs," and flares and stuff.

I didn't exactly see people falling over themselves to buy any though, so I don't think I'll go into business. Unless I sold them for a lot less...

The "nail" loads looked like carpet tacks, they were called "Short Range Ripper Loads."

They also had flechettes for sale by themselves, 10 for $1, 1 pound for $12.

Now I'm wondering what a "BBF" load would do...? (Buck, Ball, and Flechette.)
Will I still like Mosin Nagants after I win the Powerball?
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