Exploding primer tube

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    Modern houses carry a ground wire from each outlet all the way back to the circuit breaker box where it is hard grounded. I use that ground for my electrostatic rubber mat. It has been connected that way for 14 years.

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    Ive known it to happen before to someone else, but hasnt happend tp me in 50 years + of reloading...Thank Goodness!!! Having a piece of polish media in the primer cup while seating could explain some of the misfortunes...

    LD is prob on to something with static electricity...I was cautioned by someone in my very early days of shooting black powder to always ground yourself before handling a metal can of black powder...Ive never forgot this, as Ive seen what a can of FFG can do if ignited..
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    The Dillon pickup tube holds 100 primers once filled cannot move in the tubes if you place it down on your table. However, you put in 50, its half full. You put it down and the top one or two or more might fall on the side or get wedged and could possibly turn. You didnt clean the dust out of the tube, pick it up quick, they all slide and one falls on the edge sparks.
    If you fill a tube partially never put it down always place primers in machine to be safe.
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