F.B.I., Obama, and Planned Parenthood

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  1. RunningOnMT

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    No matter which side of the abortion issue you are on, this is an alarming assault on our 1st amendment rights. What right does the president have to direct the F.B.I. to attend a seminar with planned parenthood? This is clearly an attempt to indoctrinate the chief law enforcement agency in the land.

    With this administrations policies and new legislation we may very well come to the day when merely stating publically that abortion is murder, one may be charged with felony hate speech.


    FBI, Obama Admin Join Pro-Abort Groups to Host Training Seminar against Pro-Life Activity


    By Kathleen Gilbert

    PORTLAND, Oregon, September 30, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Obama administration has teamed up with leading pro-abortion lobbyist groups to host a training seminar aimed at combating pro-life "violence" against the abortion industry, which is defined to include even free-speech activities such as pro-life picketing, boycotting, and signage.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice sponsored an August 29 seminar in the FBI's Portland headquarters. The names of Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation (NAF), and the Feminist Majority Foundation appear prominently on the front page of a document prepared for the event which compiled statistics, a list of pro-life websites, and case summaries, among other data. The 84-page document was handed out by FBI and DOJ officials to participants, according to a source in attendance.

    Although one portion of the document - on page 67 - lists "pro-life counseling centers" as among providers of "reproductive health services," the document is generally organized as a guide to the "organized assault on women's health care" by "anti-abortion extremists" since Roe v. Wade, and targets such activities as pro-life picketing and boycotting.

    On page 67, a section entitled "US Department of Justice FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) presentation" includes "large graphic signs etc. not covered" among actions that constitute "intimidation," and on page 15 specifically references the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Genocide Awareness Project among a list of recent pro-life "violence."

    The document lists pro-lifers entering abortion facilities, pro-life blockades, and "stalking" as "severe violence" directed against abortion clinics in recent years, while "intimidation" is predicated of any "noise disturbance" or "pamphlets targeting staff," which could include documents warning women of an abortionist's record injuring or killing patients.

    Another part of the DOJ presentation urges trainees to "build a good working relationship with providers." "We tell providers to build good relationships with you," state the authors. "Get to know them. The more comfortable everyone is the easier it will be for you to do your job."

    One portion of the document lists the websites of several peaceful pro-life groups and leaders, such as David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, Judie Brown of the American Life League (ALL), Concerned Women for America, Human Life International, National Right to Life, Priests for Life, Rock for Life, Students for Life, and The Pill Kills, the ALL project noted by authors as an "anti birth control site."

    According to the appended agenda, speakers included both FBI and DOJ officials as well as representatives from NAF and Planned Parenthood. The Alliance Defense Fund notes that Julie Abbate of USDOJ, one of the speakers at the meeting, also filed a federal lawsuit in August 2010 against a pro-life advocate solely for leafleting while once allegedly crossing a driveway.

    Neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice have returned calls and emails placed by LifeSiteNews.com as of press time.

    Although an Alliance Defense Fund-allied attorney was able to attend the meeting upon request, ADF attorney Matt Bowman told LifeSiteNews.com that "the troubling thing is that they didn't invite him in the first place."

    "The resource guide is not only completely one-sided, it adopts the bias against free speech that the abortion movement has been trying to promote for years," said Bowman.

    "The resource guide is not only completely one-sided, it adopts the bias against free speech that the abortion movement has been trying to promote for years," said Bowman, who called the document's targeting of peaceful pro-life groups and free-speech activities "ridiculous."

    "It raises a concern that this is now the official view of the FBI," said Bowman. "I don't think they can pass the buck on this."

    Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America told LSN that the recent documents "show that the Department of Justice has become an arm of the abortion movement."

    "They're not using objective research and definitions, but adopting wholesale the scorched-earth tactics and propaganda of abortion groups," said Wright. "This is a corrupt endeavor by the Obama administration to smear innocent pro-lifers. It harms the public's trust in our government and will be a stain on Pres. Obama's presidency."

    The documents echo an April 2009 Homeland Security report on domestic terrorism in which pro-life activities were branded as indicators of dangerous "rightwing extremism." Janet Napolitano, the head of the Homeland Security Department, proved staunchly pro-abortion during her service as governor of Arizona.

    To read the complete document, click here.
  2. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    Well hopefully there will be a Republican-controlled Congress soon that will resist "pro-abortion" things Obama tries to impose.

    I generally view it as murder. I mean it's difficult to just oppose it across the board too. I think there are certain, special times when it's necessary.

  3. glocknut

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    Dec 14, 2003
    Abortion is Murder. End of sentence. I will never understand anyone who views it differently...

    Well, actually there is "one other" way to view it... as a mercy killing so they will not have to be raised by a person who would do such a thing in the first place!

  4. Kieran McCaig

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    Jul 8, 2009
    So you don't see any medical use for it,My sister had one after Dotor's found out her baby was defective.And if delivered at term would maybe live to a year and go thru hell the whole time.As a form of birth control you're right it is murder.
  5. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    Scarry, ROMT -

    Abortion is a national tragedy which we WILL answer for someday.

    But I have to agree that there ARE circumstances under which I agree it should be allowed.

    Like the case Hogger129 outlined.
    Or rape.
    Or incest.

    Or Obama's Momma.
  6. RunningOnMT

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    Here's a little story for you all. When my ex wife was pregnant with our second child, a particular OB/GYN was recommended to her. Now it just so happened that his specialty was high risk pregnancy, and therefore did more testing. She had to have this blood test called an AFP in a particular week of pregnancy. It was strange...it couldn't be a week earlier or later, it had to be that week.

    One day the doctors office called. He wanted to know if we could both come into his office that day. He had something very important to discuss with us. We both took off work to see him. After we were seated in his office the doctor looked at us almost apologetically and said "I'm sorry I've got some bad news for you". "The results of the AFP test indicate your baby has a neural tube defect. "What is that?" we asked. I felt numb. The doctor said. "It means your baby will have severe deformities and there's a good chance it wont even survive delivery". "We will need to terminate this pregnancy". In unison we both said "No!" The doctor said 'You really have no choice, trust me, you don't want this". Again we said "No!". "I understand how you feel and how much you want this baby, but you can get pregnant again". He then went on to describe how a baby born with this condition would be: possibly born with no spine at all or with a spinal cord outside the body, in which case it wouldn't survive labor and delivery, if we were lucky, born with only a partially formed spine which would require it being put in a body cast or rigid brace for life; a quadrapalegic, or at the very minimum paralysis in at least the lower extremities requiring almost round the clock care for life plus mental retardation. "So, I would suggest we schedule the termination procedure as soon as possible". For the third time we both said emphatically "No way!". The doctor said "Listen I understand that many people have strong religous beliefs about this...are you Catholic". "No we aren't Catholic but we are both opposed to abortion". "Well, I'll tell you what, since this is Friday you folks take the weekend to discuss it, then call me back on Monday". "We don't need the weekend" my wife said. "Take it" the doctor said as he walked out the door.

    My ex and I decided to go for a bite to eat since we had both missed breakfast. We sat there in that restaurant holding hands across the table, tears rolling down both our cheeks. Our conversation began slowly, then picked up as we began to discuss the special preparations we would need to make for this special baby. My wife was going to quit her job and be a stay at home mom. I would take a second job. We sat there planning for a few hours.

    By the time we got home we both felt exhausted. That weekend I prayed like i had never prayed before. The prayers seemed almost constant in my mind until inexplicably the fear passed. I no longer felt sorry for myself and began to really look forward to our babies birth. My wife called the doctor on Monday and informed him of our final decision. From then on he was on our side, never once mentioning abortion again. Special preparations were made. When we told our daughters pediatrician about the news he said he wanted to be there during delivery so he could examine our baby right away.

    When my wifes due date came, nothing was happening. Two more weeks passed. Then the doctor said it was time to schedule a C section. I sat there on a stool in the delivery room at my wifes head. She could see me but not what was going on because of a little screen they put across her. As promised, the peditrician stood on the other side of the room watching. I sat there nervously watching over the screen in amazement, fighting the urge to lie down on the floor (was feeling a bit fuzzy). You will never believe the parts inside a womans body. The two doctors doing the surgery joked all the time, I think mostly to ease our nerves. After removing then moving various body parts aside, the doctor reached down and began to slowly pull. It almost seemed like the baby was stretching like gumby as the doctor pulled. " Long baby" he said. Finally he held her up in the air and pronounced "It's a boy!" My wife and I quickly looked at each other in shock. We already knew it was going to be a girl from an ultrasound. Then the doctor quickly said..."Just kidding, it's a girl". The OB quickly passed her to the pediatrician who took her in another room. After about fifteen minutes he stuck his head through the door and motioned for me. I walked unsteadily into the room and for the first time got a good look at my beautiful daughter. The pediatrician said.."Everything externally is looking good, she appears to be a normal healthy baby". We'll need an MRI to determine to what degree she has any defect.

    Well today I have a happy, healthy, an ornery 24 year old daughter that I adore. She does have what's called spina bifida occult. Occult means it's hidden, therefore less severe. For all intents and purposes she has vertabrae encircling her spinal cord as it should. It's just that in hers instead of forming a complete circle has a slight opening like a closed letter "C". The problem in more severe cases is that there is not enough vertabrae to protect the cord from surrounding tissue. When the cord is compressed nerves are damaged and various problems ensue such as paralysis. But that isn't her case. She does have some secondary problems related to this which could give her problems in the future, such as a tethered spinal cord and a fatty tumor wrapped around the cord. But so far, so good. She is an extremely talented young lady that played basketball and ran track in school.

    Now I realize I took about a thousand more words than necessary to tell this story, but I wanted to paint the picture so you could see this from our perspective. The bottom line is, number 1. doctors don't know everything, number 2. There is always a risk any time you have a child. They may be born with a perfectly healthy body but end up with serious psychological and behavior problems. One can't know the future. But you play the hand your dealt, number 3. Any child is a blessing from God and He does not give you anything unless He's given you the ability to handle it. Just ask my best friend with a Downs Syndrome daughter. She is the sweetest kid you'd ever want to meet and just bowled a 180+ average to win a state special olympics championship.

    Now for a second story I will keep shorter. My oldest sister had rheumatic fever as a child and as a result had significant heart damage. Growing up she missed a lot of school and ended up graduating from HS at 20. At around this age she had only the third open heart surgery that had ever been performed. They replaced a valve with a pig valve. When she got married the doctors told her she should never think of having children as it would kill her. But they wanted kids so she got pregnant. Baby number one born...no problems. "Okay" said the doctors, "you have your baby, now no more". She got pregnant again. Again a second baby born with no problems. She's now a greatgrandmother. But she wasn't supposed to have children...it would kill her.

    Again, doctors don't know everything. I will tell you all this one fact that the pro abortionists don't want you to know: While women have and do die in delivery there is almost no condition which would insure before the fact that labor would kill any woman. There is always a risk and some more risk than for others, but there is no evidence that a womans life has ever been saved by having an abortion. Ask an OB/GYN.

    In the case of rape or incest, as sad is that is, it is my belief that the psychological trauma of abortion only adds to the trauma of rape itself. This is one of those cases where there is no painless solution. The assault against the woman can't be undone. Killing an innocent baby surely can't undo it. Certainly no innocent person should be forced to take on the burden of raising a child. That's why there is adoption.

    And so I have to say I am 100% opposed to abortion under any circumstances. Remember even our beloved Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal, They are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We have an absolute duty to protect the rights of the defenseless.

    Abortion as birth control is a concept that originated with Margaret Sanger who saw it as a means to deal with the "black problem" She founded Planned Parenthood and they have promoted this barbaric act ever since. Abortion is just plain evil. I only wish more people could see it. Sometimes i think the majority of people are just too desensitized to see it.
  7. carver

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    Jul 28, 2008
    DAV, Deep in the Pineywoods of E. Texas!
    RunningOnMT, I whole heartedly agree with you. While I have never been involved with the decisions you have had to make, nor has anyone in my family, there is always adoption. I personally believe that life starts at conception, and that all life is given from God, therefore, in my heart, and mind, abortion is evil. If the baby is not wanted by the mother, there are many out there that would give an arm for a chance to raise that child.
  8. tcox4freedom

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    Nov 5, 2009
    South Carolina USA
    Thank you so much for sharing with us ROM.
    Thank you so much for choosing LIFE!

    IMHO; A "defective" baby does NOT exist. Some just face more challenges than others. It has been my good fortune and a great BLESSING to have met such children. In every single circumstance the parents are grateful that they did not listen to the type of doctor who advised you.

    I'm also in 100% agreement with this:
    Thanks again!
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