facebook threats shut down school, the joys of islam

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    Picton High School, south of Sydney, was placed in lockdown today, after a group of 15 children allegedly threatened a student with a gun.
    Narellan police confirmed they were sent out to the campus after the youths allegedly threatened to confront the girl at the school.

    It is believed the threat was made on Facebook.
    It is unknown whether all the children involved were students at the school.

    ( we now know the threats where made from students at the islamic college at liverpool)

    The girl was taken out of the classroom and into a school office, and the school was locked down by teachers as a protective measure.
    It was reopened this afternoon.
    Police said they saw eight children walking around the school and told them to move along.
    Wollondilly Shire mayor Michael Banasik, whose children attend the school, said he was shocked by the incident.
    "My staff have told me a group of people threatened this student and said they and their friends were going to come to the school with a gun," Mr Banasik said.
    "She alerted the principal, and the school shut down."
    A Department of Education spokesman confirmed the incident, and said the group did not enter school grounds.
    "We are working with police," he said.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/student-f...in-lockdown-20110907-1jx4z.html#ixzz1XF12sgQ5

    as usual only the criminals have guns including youth gangs
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    hold on a minute... if it's against the law to have a gun, then why did they take this threat seriously?:rolleyes: unless the authorities already know that gun control doesn't work?

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