Farewell to an old Vet

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    Uncle Luke was laid out today in the funeral home for public visitation. He had been an opiniated and strong willed man - to his last day he refused to see a doctor. He was highly conservative, but had a lot invested in real estate.

    Uncle Luke was dressed in the brown uniform of the old army - a WWII vet. He was a member of the 104 Timberwolves, and sprinted across Europe under the leadership of Patton. There on a stand at the side of the room were photos of his old unit, as well as his Bronze and Silver Star.

    Uncle Luke never seemed to be a nice person to me, and in my youth he once told me he would shoot any long-haired creeps like myself if they stepped foot on his property.

    Time fuzzes those old memories. Uncle Luke looked fine in that old brown uniform. I am proud of my uncle for what he did for our country.

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    Bob, those sounded like kind words to me--as you recalled the Old Vet, you softened remembrances of what he had been in days gone by with remarks 'fuzzed' by time. Had you spoken comparable words over an open casket to the Old Vet, and others who had similar thoughts about the Old Fellow would have heard them, they probably would have agreed with you. The eternal sleep indeed mends the ravelled sleeve of care---. Wilborn

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    God grant him peace Bob. And farewell to one more veteran from that time.

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    Bob -

    Sincere condolences and sympathies on the passing of your Uncle.

    "And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest".
    William Shakespeare - Hamlet, Act V, Scene III