FDA Expands pet food recall

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    Thought any pet owners might need to know this

    Menu Foods Initiates Market Withdrawal of All Varieties of Recalled Wet Pet Food to Ensure Consumer Protection
    Menu Foods

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- TORONTO, ONTARIO -- March 24, 2007 -- As a result of reports from the FDA and various media outlets that some recalled lots of "cuts and gravy" style wet pet food remain on store shelves, Menu Foods has asked all retail outlets to immediately remove all impacted varieties of wet pet food posted at www.menufoods.com, regardless of the date code.

    Menu Foods remains concerned that consumers are able to purchase recalled items.

    There is no known risk from items not listed on the recall list but an abundance of caution is called for in this situation. FDA has been apprised of this action.


    Additional Information on this Pet Food Recall

    FDA's Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts Page: http://www.fda.gov/opacom/7alerts.html

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