FED: Nasty Quote from Gun Control Spokesman

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    May 25, 2003
    Nasty Quote from Gun Control Spokesman

    Note how the gun control spokesman starts out
    using "gun safety" but as he gets more nasty
    he quickly reverts to gun control as their agenda.
    Democrats have found that opposing gun rights
    isn't necessarily a winning political strategy,
    but the Washington Times notes that not
    everyone agrees:

    Democrats abandon the gun issue at their
    peril, said Blaine Rummel, spokesman for the
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence... "The Democrats
    ran away from gun safety in the 2002 elections,
    and look where it got them," Mr. Rummel said.
    "Whoever is advising them on gun control should
    be shot."

    Just remember: Guns don't kill Democratic
    advisers, gun-control advocates kill Democratic

    --James Taranto
    June 2, 2003
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