Federal Court HALTS Confiscations!!!!!

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    BELLEVUE, WA – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana this afternoon issued a temporary restraining order on behalf of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and National Rifle Association (! NRA), bringing an end to firearm seizures from citizens living in and around New Orleans.

    District Judge Jay Zaney issued the restraining order against all parties named in a lawsuit filed Thursday by SAF and NRA. Defendants in the lawsuit include New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Chief Edwin Compass III.

    “This is a great victory, not just for the NRA and SAF, but primarily for law-abiding gun owners everywhere,” said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb. “We are proud to have joined forces with the NRA to put an end to what has amounted to a warrantless gun grab by authorities in New Orleans and surrounding jurisdictions.

    “Over the past three weeks,” he continued, “residents who had lost virtually everything in the devastation following Hurricane Katrina had also essentially been stripped of something even more precious, their civil rights, and their right of self-defense, because of these gun seizures.

    “SAF and NRA had no alternative but to take ac! tion,” Gottlieb added. “If these gun confiscations had been allowed to continue without challenge, it would have set a dangerous precedent that would have encouraged authorities in other jurisdictions to believe they also could suspend the civil rights of citizens in the event of some other emergency.

    “What must happen now, and quickly,” said Gottlieb, “is for authorities in the New Orleans area to explain how they will return all of those firearms to their rightful owners, and do it promptly. What this ruling affirms is that even in the face of great natural disasters, governments cannot arbitrarily deprive citizens of their rights. Thanks to some great teamwork between SAF and the NRA, this sort of thing will hopefully never happen again.”

    PS Click here to make a contribution to help fund this lawsuit. -END-

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    Better late than never, but what happens to all the guns they have so far confiscated?????????????????????????


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    After the fact...GREAT! But with no records of seizure provided by the law enforcement to the owner. It becomes he said-she said.
    They probably keep them for themselves----crooks!!!

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    Guys, this is exactly why I created and sent my "Oklahoma Disaster Self-Protection Act" (see my 'Sent This To My State Senator & Rep.' thread) to my state congressmen. If we can get this enacted at the state level then it won't take as long to stop the next time........................hopefully. Rewrite it to fit your state and send it to your state congressinal members. :mad:
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