Federal EXPANDING Full Metal Jacket

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by dsapp, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. dsapp

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    Sep 8, 2003
    well, I finally got to shoot a box of the 165 grain .45 caliber Federal Expanding Full Metal Jackets thru my Ruger P90 this past weekend at different things...

    no problems feeding at all, even took out the last round that was fed into the chamber, and ejected it, put it back into the middle of the next fully loaded clip, and it cycled through without a hitch... supposedly there was a concern that the scored metal jacket would begin to compress under heavy auto feeding... but I think it must be just a myth

    I fired 4 rounds into some plastic 1 gallon milk jugs with a denim pantleg in front of them (2 layers of denim) and all 4 bullets expanded picture perfect just like the pictures you see on the internet, with no seperation of the jacket... 2 rounds even had denim caught on the front... all 4 rounds stopped inside the 2nd water jug, with no damage to the back side of the jug

    accuracy wise, just from a standing, unrested positon, I was able to put all 7 rounds into a fist sized pattern at 25 feet away, shooting double action...

    they easily blasted thru several different types of common wood barriers, 3/4 inch plywood, 2x4's, and a densely built composite wood table top

    I also had a car door (without the glass) from a 1970 Dodge Challenger musclecar that I shot into from about 20 feet away, for exteme barrier testing...
    it has 3 layers of steel.... the outer layer and interior layer are basically thick sheetmetal, but the center layer is structural steel that is pretty heavy guage... anyways, the EFMJ could not penetrate the middle layer of structural steel... so then I fired a 230 grain CCI FMJ into it with the same results...

    amazed... I fired a UMC 130 grain jacketed-soft-point .357 magnum round from my 4" bbl Taurus, but it also could not penetrate the middle layer of structural steel... so then I didn't feel so bad about the .45 EFMJ not making it through.... MAN THOSE OLD DODGES ARE TOUGH!

    sorry none of these tests were "scientific" but just thought you all would like to hear about them
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    dsapp [​IMG], thanks for sharing. :)

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    Mar 27, 2003
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    Good information, dsapp.

    Welcome to the Forum. Hope you will join us often and post often. Sharing is the name of the game.
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