Federal police probe vile web attack on slain Troops

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    Ibrahims been at it again , seems his only way to get "back on top" with his muzzo mates is to be the big leader of jihad again , this time he's gone a bit too far .. expect more news on him later in the coming days

    and where to send your pig weed flowers ...



    UPDATE 9.55am: A MUSLIM extremist has again desecrated the memory of fallen soldiers by reactivating a heartless campaign on Facebook.

    As the bodies of three Diggers killed by a rogue Afghan soldier began their journey home this week, radical Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon caused outrage among grieving families by launching a cruel Facebook page attacking the men.

    The controversial site - The Australian Defence Force: The Real Terrorists - listed each of the 32 Australians to die in the Afghan conflict and accused them of being terrorists because of their military service.

    The site was removed after the ADF received complaints and notified the Australian Federal Police and Facebook.

    But in another provocative move, Mr Siddiq-Conlon last night reactivated the page before it was again removed by authorities.

    The AFP was earlier evaluating the material to assess whether a criminal offence had been committed.

    The unapologetic Muslim convert, who received death threats soon after creating the site, has continued to trash dead Diggers by posting hate-fuelled messages on other Facebook pages.

    "May they rot in hell," he wrote in one message.

    In another posting he wrote: "I hope I got your blood boiling. That's what I like. It's my hobby. My fun. My pleasure."

    Australian-born Mr Siddiq-Conlon, formerly known as Shannon James Conlon, also labelled his grandfathers terrorists because of their service for the Australian Army in Kokoda and the Middle East. He has said he was proud of being referred to as an "extremist" and "terrorist supporter".

    Yesterday the outraged father of Greg Sher, killed in a 2009 Taliban attack, said he was devastated.

    "Our soldiers are defenders and protectors, unlike many in other countries who are invaders," Felix Sher said.

    "The greatest freedom in Australia is that you can leave it when you like - and Mr Siddiq-Conlon should exercise that as soon as possible. When you start preaching hate who needs you around?"

    Mr Siddiq-Conlon, who has a masters degree in architecture, converted to Islam while a student.

    He refused to back down yesterday over the website.

    He said it was created to "spark a debate" about bringing the troops home from Afghanistan.

    "I say: If the Australian soldiers don’t want to get hurt, then don’t go to Afghanistan," he wrote in an email to the Herald Sun.

    "Stay out of the Muslims (sic) lands, or naturally they will suffer the consequences from the brave mujahideen whom defend their lands ferociously."


    and Jack says SGBO shuts up loud mouthed scum who denigrate our Fallen Heroes
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