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(12/21/02 9:24:09 am)
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FEG PA-63 questions
Yeah I know I've got to quit buying guns and not knowing a dang thing about them but...

I picked up one of these last night (bought it a few weeks ago but mail is weird leaving Idaho sometimes). Anyhow can somebody tell me what the average price is for one of these? What do I need to look for or watch for when it comes to shooting it? It uses 9x18 ammo and fits my Makarov holster beautifully. Got the gun, a leather holster (had to of been for a Makarov since it matches my makarov holster almost perfectly) and the total price including shipping and paying my dealer $10 for the transfer was $110.

How bad did I get hurt?

Bob In St Louis
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(12/21/02 9:28:39 am)
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Not bad at all. The distributor's prices on these to the dealers not long ago were in the $89 to $99 range, so if you got it for $110 after shipping and transfer cost, I think you made one heck of a good deal.
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