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Finding and restoring lever actions

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Don't overlook the dirty girls. Sometimes they clean up nicely.

After a bath:

And another dirty girl that cleaned up enough to keep

Girl you need a bath! But you still look good for being 82 years old 😍

Now I'm on the hunt for the next diamond in the rough lever action hiding under years of grime and bad decisions.
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Wow where are you finding all these Winchesters?
Lever actions have been raining from the sky here.
I missed out on a nice 85% finish 1894 sporting rifle made in 1901 a month favorite configuration.
$1100 and by the time I had it together someone else had bought it.

The sad fact that I'm hearing is, senior citizens on fixed incomes are being hit hard by inflation so they are having to sell off collectibles...or they are just passing on.
I've gotten several nice vintage rifles lately, and all of them have been from estate sales or from senior citizens thinning their collections through LGS consignments.
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