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Finding and restoring lever actions

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Don't overlook the dirty girls. Sometimes they clean up nicely.

After a bath:

And another dirty girl that cleaned up enough to keep

Girl you need a bath! But you still look good for being 82 years old 😍

Now I'm on the hunt for the next diamond in the rough lever action hiding under years of grime and bad decisions.
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That red colored black streaked stock in the first bath picture is art! I wonder what wood that is and if its stained? Reminds me of the red cedar bedroom set my great uncle made during his hobby years after his hike thru north africa
It is a shame that the old timers are carrying on and the next generation is disregarding what they held dear to them, id just assume bury my collection in the back pasture.
My families guns get put on the wall with memorabilia from the times they had with those guns after theyve carried on.
Pickins have been good lately at the pawn shops tho, got a 54' Belgian Browning A5 that ive always wanted.
It's walnut.
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