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I take it as a challenge and make 'em work! (usually!)
The .380's can be very difficult due to short cartridge and feed ramp angles, and one of the big ones I've discovered through the years is the extractor.
Many .380's can have extractor issue's which effect feeding (the cartridge must feed up and into the extractor of course) due to burs on the extractor and varying case dimensions such as extractor goove (rim) thickness and diameter.
I've seen problems with the slide face too, rough machining can catch at the cartridge head and hang up the slide, saw and fixed this on a Bersa once, as well as an AMT "backup".
I have a Walther PPk/S that was a regular POS until I deburred and polished the extractor. Same with an old "pony" .380 years ago.
So it depends on the gun, if it's not cost effective to take it to a Smithy, it might be best to sell it.
In my book, reliability, (for a CARRY or home defense piece) IS the ultimate factor. Otherwise, it's just like an expensive brick.
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