Finnish Lapphund puppies - looks like we will have a litter!

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    Now, I know you all here don't even know what a Finnish Lapphund is. So, I will tell you. The Finnish Lapphund is classified as a rare breed of dog. The breed is the most popular in Finland (of course - but Finland is a country of only 5.7 million people).

    The Finnish Lapphund is a 7,000 year old breed of dog. Lapphunds are reindeer herding dogs. They love the cold weather and snow. They are also family dogs - the Sami did not leave them outside at night after herding reindeer - they came inside the home - extra warmth.

    Just in case you don't know, the Sami are the Scandinavian Eskimos.

    We brought our puppies with us last year when we moved here - Our female Nasta had already won Best puppy in show at a dog show in Finland when we showed her. Our Jysky is a natural herder - two of our sheep got loose, asked my wife to please bring Jysky out to help from the house - this youngster had the sheep in their pasture in 4 minutes. It would have taken me alone an hour. He hasn't even been trained to do so he knows it instinctively.

    So looking forward to these possible pups coming.

    Lapphunds don't herd by biting or nipping - they herd by making yapping sounds and running fast.

    If you would like to know more about the Finnish Lapphund here is the information:

    We will be looking for folks who could need these pups but they are costly - expect that the final cost is bit over $1,200. We have their pedigrees going back several generations and we will only let our two family members have two litters of pups in their lifetime. We are happy to help strengthen the bloodline for these very special ancient breed dogs here in America.

    This will be interesting for sure. I will post pics of the parents (hopefully) to be tomorrow - our two have unusual colors for Lapphunds - they have rare colors.
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    I work with a great number of Finns, the company I work for has it's beginning in Finland and is headquartered in Hyvinkää. They are very proud of their heritage and how they carry forward their culture, dogs included. Several of the folks that are at are out US headquarters have Lapphunds; truly a member of their family.