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    Hello. Does anyone have a comment as to quality of these auto pistols? regards. twr

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    I own one in .45ACP. It shoots very similar to my older model Fire Star in .45ACP. It holds 11 (10+1) instead of 7 (6+1) like the Fire Star. It also has a harder trigger pull, due to being complient with the "new" style of "Attorney Special" guns that are Politically Correct. God forbid anyone should actually USE a weapon that does the job when someone attacks them!

    It is a very inexpensive ($250) hand gun that would do the job for self defense and personal carry, but it will not stand up to long term pounding at the range. It is made in Spain, like it's Fire Star predecessor, and Spanish gun steel is notoriously soft. I can personally attest to that fact, based on an "incident" last year at the range. I was in the middle of a 7 round shoot with the Fire Star. It jammed after the fourth shot, because the take down pin had ejected itself from the slide. I pushed the pin back in, continued the firing, and after reloading, it did it again after 3 shots. I immediately unloaded the gun and sent it to the gun smith. The retaining bearing of the take down pin had worn the lip of the notch in the frame to the point that it would not hold the pin in place. The gun smith fixed it very easily, but I no longer use that gun for personal carry.

    It was a shame to retire it, because it was so damn accurate. It would print a 3/4" group of 7 at 10 yards.

    But, I figured it was wearing out after only 5,000 rounds, because the metal was fatiguing. I used to shoot it every week. Like I said, it won't stand up to constant pounding at the range, but it will do the job for defense, IF you buy a NEW one and now it will last for a while.

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    The Firestorm is basically a cheaper version of the Llama.....not something to give me great confidence in it as a quality weapon.

    If you want a 1911, I'd recommend that you save up your money until you can afford a Colt, Kimber, or Springfield.

    Another option is an arsenal refurbished Argentine Modelo 1927 for about $ ........IMO, the biggest bargain in an M1911A1. Built under Colt license, on Colt machinery, using REAL gun steel, and fine workmanship.
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    It may not be up to the quality of the above mentioned fine arms, but it does beat the dickens out of a stick or a rock....