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First new rifle in

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Here are some pics of that Marlin 444 that I got at an auction. I just completed a cleaning and light lubing. I have found out that it was made 5 years ago. It does not appear to have ever been used outside the factory. The bore was sharp and bright and there isn't a scratch on it. What looks like marks in the pictures is really lint from the rags and patches.

I found that someone had done a bad job of scratching the last 3 numbers of the serial number on the underside of the bolt. A couple of the picture show the base, rings and scope that I will put on next - all new.


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Looks like you are about ready to shoot!
You got a great deal on that one ! When are you going to get it to the range? ASAP, that's probably what you'll say!;):D
thats a clean rifle. Now what ya waitn for.. theres deers need killin in them woods.
I had the same rifle years ago. Good round. I sold it as it cost to much to shoot as much as I wanted to.
I think this next weekend I'll get the scope set up then plan a trip to the range to get it zeroed reasonably well before the weather gets too cold.

As I don't do any real hunting anymore I am thinking I will offer it up for sale - you know, buy it play with it, put a box or two through it and then sell it for a bit of a profit. I figure this could be a good piece for a hand-loader as there is no action that needs cycling during the firing cycle so it would lend itself to lighter loading for smaller game. And I will start whoever buys it with a couple of boxes of once-fired brass.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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